Highland Park ‘Svein’

Bought – World Duty Free, Aberdeen Airport, 6th July 2014

87/100 – Whisky Bible 2015
82/100 – Malt Maniacs (average from 4 reviews)

I’m such a numpty! For years I’ve been flying to and from Scotland via Heathrow or Gatwick and gazing longingly at the whiskies in shops like World Duty Free. I say ‘longingly’ because I didn’t think I could buy anything because I wasn’t travelling outside of the EU, or even the UK! If you ask me to look in a cupboard for something, chances are I wont be able to find it, so it’s hardly surprising it’s taken me years for the penny to drop. I was in Heathrow at the end of June, due to fly to Aberdeen, drooling over the whiskies on the shelves when I finally saw the little sign beside the prices saying “Available to ALL passengers”!!! What?! Really?! I then realised that only some of the spirits were restricted to non-EU passengers and I had a fine selection of whisky to choose from, even though I was flying within the UK. I made a note of a few that interested me:

  • Highland Park ‘Svein’ 1ltr – £37.99
  • Highland Park ‘Einar’ 1ltr – £48.99
  • Macallan Select Oak 1ltr – £48.99
  • Old Pulteney ‘Noss Head’ 1ltr – £43.99
  • Auchentoshan ‘Heartwood’1ltr – £46.99
  • Auchentoshan ‘Springwood’ 1ltr – £41.99
  • Johnnie Walker Collection 4x20cl – £80.99 (£95.81 on Amazon!)

I was hoping to get the Johnnie Walker Collection on my return from Scotland but it wasn’t available in the smaller selection at the Aberdeen branch of World Duty Free. Although some may argue that airport whisky shops allow distilleries to offload a lot of no-age statement, young whisky on the travelling market, reviews for these bottlings are generally above average, and clearly offer good value for money, even compared to supermarket prices of similar products. Having finally seen the light, I’ll be a regular whisky buyer in airports from now on!

Highland Park Svein NAS 70cl

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