Talisker ‘Young & Feisty’ Provenance

Bought – Whisky Galore, 24th June 2014

86/100 – Whiskybase (average from 3 reviewers)

I’m a big fan of Talisker but, as a whisky collector I’m keen to get as much variety for my buck. That’s why I like buying 20cl bottles when I can find them, and the ‘Provenance’ range are quite good for this. I already have their Blair Athol 20cl in my collection. And 20cl is a good size to allow you to have a dram when you first open the bottle but have enough left to breath and settle over several weeks, even months, as you finish it off. The 5cl miniatures are OK for that initial tasting but then they’re gone. No chance to settle in an open bottle for several future samplings, which is important to get a true understanding of a whisky.

Without any written reviews to go on (although 86/100 from Whiskybase is excellent), I have to wonder if the title ‘Young & Feisty’ is a marketing way of saying “Immature & Unfinished”. As a NAS (no age statement) there’s going to be some young stuff in there, and plenty of it. But, Talisker have an excellent 10yo, which is mature for its age, so perhaps their younger stuff contains elements of this adult smoothness. We will see.

Talisker Provenance NAS 20cl

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