Macallan 10-year-old ‘Sherry Oak’

Bought – Nickolls & Perks, 17th June 2014

91/100 – Whisky Bible 2014

Whenever you start collecting whisky, you soon realise that the world of whisky is constantly changing. New bottles appear whilst old bottles die off. When I started my collection in 2013 my big success was getting a bottle of Johnnie Walker Green Label before it vanished completely from the UK supermarkets. That was purely down to luck based on when I started. What had I missed before?! Where the whisky gods were against me was the Macallan 10yo ‘Sherry Oak’. It took me a while to realise it had been discontinued. By the time I did the only bottles of 10yo I could find in the shops were the ‘Fine Oak’, and at £40 each the price was already rising. Stories online suggested that, when the Macallan 10yo was generally available, it was about £30. I added a 70cl bottle on Amazon to my wishlist at £46 hoping it might get reduced. It’s now £60, so sadly I wont be getting it.

Thankfully we have miniatures! But even those are rising in price. I got my mini of the Macallan 10yo ‘Sherry Oak’ for £6 and two months later it’s gone up to £10! The online shops are cashing in on the demand but rarity of an excellent single malt.

Whatever your views are about Macallan replacing their younger age-statements (10yr, 12yr and 15yr), with the NAS (non-age statements) of Gold, Amber, Ruby and Sienna, it comes down to a case of sup-it-and-see. The ‘Gold’, a direct replacement for the 10yo, gets good reviews. Life moves on, and so do whiskies. It’s sad to see the 10yo go but Macallan have to keep up the quality because there’s plenty of competition out there. I’ve tried the ‘Gold’ and it was nice, so a bottle of that is now on my shopping list.

Macallan 10yo Sherry Oak 5cl

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