Black Bottle (version since 2013)

Bought – Sainsbury’s, 20th May, 2014

83/100 – Ralfy, of
Review: – Ralfy – Black Bottle – YouTube

Now here’s a controversial blend, at least to those who used to love the old version of Black Bottle. Last year it had a complete overhaul, changing the blend, the bottle shape and even the bottle colour! It won new fans but sent some of the old dramsters into a froth of despair! How could they ruin their beloved Black Bottle?! Well, from reading reviews, I found some PR (probably taken from the blender’s website), which explained that the new blend is a throwback to the original formula, more in keeping with the recipe created by the Graham brothers in Aberdeen at the turn of the 19th century. And the new bottle pays homage to the early days too. The old-style, dumpy bottle was green but this new one is black, which is where the blend got its name. So, instead of this being a modern marketing ploy, it’s actually a new version that pays homage to the original Black Bottle.

In March 2014 I tried this new blend in several bars in Aberdeen, Scotland, and it tasted fantastic! I vowed then to get a bottle, and I did. Well done Sainsbury for stocking it, and putting it on special offer! As I’ve said before, I’m more of a Speyside fan than Islay so the changes in the new Black Bottle work well for me.


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