Linkwood 18-year-old 1989

Bought – Justminiatures, 2nd May 2014

85/100 – Whisky Fun review (July 2008)

My 6th example of Linkwood but also my 2nd by the independent bottler James MacArthur. From reading their website it seems they specialise in cask strength bottles, and some at 43%. Always unchill-filtered and natural colour. Established in 1982 it’s very difficult to find full 70cl bottles by James MacArthur in the UK. They mostly sell abroad. I hunted around on Google for a UK source but only found Justminiatures selling full bottles, which happened to be on sale with 20% off. For future reference (like years from now), this is what I found:

  • £51.99 – Allt-A-Bhainne 1995, 16yo, 54.7%
  • £51.99 – Auchentoshan 1998, 12yo, 62.9%
  • £63.99 – Bruichladdich 1991, 20yo, 51.5%
  • £47.99 – Craigellachie 2000, 11yo, 57.3%
  • £59.99 – Girvan 1989 Single Grain, 22yo, 63%
  • £55.99 – Glen Elgin 1995, 16yo, 56.4%
  • £59.99 – Glen Grant 1992, 19yo, 59.4%
  • £47.99 – Longmorn 1996, 13yo, 56.9%

Apart from the Glen Grant, all the above were listed on the James MacArthur website as their latest products (my Linkwood is old stock). For cask strength whiskies, these are very competitive. It’s a shame that my whisky budget is allocated elsewhere for the next few months. Damn!

Linkwood 18yo 1989 5cl

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