Old St Andrews ‘Twilight’ 10-year-old

Bought – Justminiatures, 2nd May 2014

94.5/100 – Whisky Bible 2014

I have to take my hat off to Old St Andrews Limited for producing such interesting containers for their whisky. Not only do they have bottles looking like golf balls but barrels too. Last year I purchased a miniature of their ‘Clubhouse’ version, and the cute little glass ball left me wanting more. The ‘Clubhouse’ is the entry level NAS (non-age statement) blend in the range, which also includes the following 3 with their respective Whisky Bible scores:

  • Twilight (10-year-old) – 94.5/100
  • Fireside (12-year-old) – 88.5/100
  • Nightcap (15-year-old) – 89/100

No need to guess why I bought Twilight, which Jim Murray describes as “lip-smacking Scotch malt whisky as it should be” and “full of invigorating freshness which fills the heart with hope and joy”. Clearly it’s not always about the age that gives a whisky its beauty.

A blend of quality that’s much more than a novelty bottle, but that aspect certainly adds to the presentation. An ideal gift for a golfer who also enjoys the occasional dram.

Old St Andrews 10yo Twilight 70cl

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