Talisker Distiller’s Edition 2000-2011

Bought – Whisky Galore (Green Welly Stop), 11th March 2014

83/100 – Malt Maniacs (average from 6 reviews)
90/100 – Ralfy, of www.ralfy.com
Review: – Ralfy – Talisker Distillers Edition – YouTube

It’s rare to see Ralfy give a malt 90 or more but, keep in mind that his review is from 2010 and whiskies change. Nevertheless, Talisker is one of the most dependable distilleries for keeping high standards year after year. I’m sure if Ralfy was to do a re-review of the latest version of the Distiller’s Edition he’d still give it a similar score.

Keith Wood, a reviewer for Malt Maniacs, finishes his remarks by saying “quite different from a Talisker but most enjoyable”. Sounds intriguing! I’m yet to taste mine but I’ll take Ralfy’s tip and have some bitter chocolate with it when I do.

What shocked me most about Ralfy’s review was the price he paid for this Talisker. Less than 4 years ago he paid under £34 for his bottle. The cheapest I can find it today is £15 more expensive. That’s a price rise of nearly 50% in a very short space of time. If the whisky bubble bursts the owners of the distilleries have only themselves and their greed to blame. Even if this Talisker is excellent it’s only really a variant of the standard 10yo but at nearly twice the price!

Talisker Distiller's Edition NAS 20cl

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