Tullibardine 1993

Bought – Lincoln Whisky Shop, 4th March 2014

Review: Daniel Jakobsen, Youtube

One of the annoying things I’ve discovered about some Gordon & MacPhail miniatures is that their labels don’t always have the same information as their bigger 70cl brothers. This Tullibardine is a perfect example. According to the Malt Maniac’s database there is a Tullibardine 1993 that was bottled in 2003, and another bottled in 2004. I then discovered Daniel Jakobsen’s review on Youtube for an 18yo Tullibardine distilled in 1993 with exactly the same label on it as my miniature, except my bottle makes no mention of when it was bottled up. Very frustrating!

Does it really matter which bottle it is?! Not really. Whether it’s Daniel’s, the 2003 or 2004, none of them get an excellent rating. The distillery was closed between 1994 and 2003 so I’m wondering if the problem with the taste is due to how the casks were kept during this period. Perhaps the temperatures weren’t controlled correctly.

Any fellow collectors reading this will notice that the photo of the miniature below shows a badly damaged label. This is how it arrived from the Lincoln Whisky Shop, and it clearly didn’t happen in transit. They knew I’m a collector but, even if they hadn’t, this product is sub-standard and they should have told me in case I didn’t want it. I suppose the good news is it’s not worth keeping so I get to drink it! 🙂

Tullibardine 1993 5cl

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