Tullamore Dew

Bought – Tesco, 3rd March 2014

85/100 – Whisky Bible 2014
82/100 – Ralfy, of www.ralfy.com
Review: – Ralfy – Tullamore Dew – YouTube

As Ralfy says in his video, Tullamore Dew is produced by Jamesons, so there’s quite a clear connection when it comes to the taste. This bottle of dew says on the label that it is a blend of all three types of Irish whiskey – golden grain, pot still and malt. Tullamore Dew is considered to be a good place to start if you’ve not tried Irish whiskey before, and it’s certainly inexpensive and readily available. Tescos had this reduced to £16 from £20, so I thought I’d add another Irish whiskey to my collection.

Although Scotland is the spiritual home of whisky, historians always tip their hat at Ireland as the place where whiskey originated. It therefore seems a shame that there are hardly any distilleries in Ireland, and less than a handful of these are independent. Come on Ireland, let’s have some more WHISKEY!!! 🙂


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