Glenmorangie Port Wood Finish

Bought – Online Whisky Auction, 22nd December 2013

80/100 – Malt Maniacs (average from 10 reviewers)
75/100 – Whisky Fun (December 2004)

I bought this miniature example of Glenmorangie along with a 10-year-old in a metal presentation tin at auction. A previous owner has put a label inside saying “X-mas 99, £4.99” which was very kind of them. There was a new release of this port wood finish in 1999 so I’m assuming this was it.

Jim Murray mentions this port wood expression in his whisky bible of 2006. Although he gives it a good mark of 87/100 he says it’s not as good as it was 10 years earlier. It’s hard to say if this applies to my bottle from 1999 but hey, it’s Glenmorangie so it’s bound to be great!

Glenmorangie Port Wood Finish 5cl

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