Teaninich 1981 17-year-old

Bought – Online Whisky Auction, 22nd December 2013

Finally I have an example of whisky by the independent bottler ‘Signatory’. They’ve proved very tricky to purchase at auction because they’re always very popular. I think it’s partly because of their reputation for good quality, partly because their bottles come with a nice tube, but also because even a miniature has information about the cask and bottle number on it. My little example is bottle no.619 from 1250 taken from cask 89/587/101 and bottled in April 1998. Fascinating! 🙂 This may seem like it brings out the inner train-spotter but it’s this level of extra detail that adds value to a whisky, unfortunately. I say ‘unfortunately’ because whisky is expensive enough, and I’m more about the taste than having the master distiller’s inside leg measurement on every bottle. When I drink this will I remember it was bottle 619 from 1250?! Will I care?! Not in the slightest. But if it tastes great than I’ll be after another example from Teaninich!

Teaninich 1981 5cl

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