Glen Els Unique Distillery Edition (port casks)

Bought – Online Whisky Auction, 22nd December 2013

85.5/100 – Whisky Bible 2013

If you’re considering buying whiskies in an auction, it sometimes pays to look for the more obscure. I noticed this German single malt wasn’t getting much interest so I did a bit of research before bidding. You can buy an identical miniature bottle on Ebay UK, direct from a German whisky shop, but when you add postage it’s nearly £20! Getting a rating of 85.5/100 in the Whisky Bible classes this malt as “very good to excellent whisky, definitely worth buying!” With its price, rarity in the UK, and rating, I couldn’t believe my luck when I got it for £4.25!  Everyone else in the auction was scrabbling for boring old bottles of Macallan, and vintage malts (which might not be what they claim to be!) so it was nice to get something different at an excellent price.

The name ‘The Glen Els’ is derived from the location of the Hammerschmiede distillery in Elsbach, Zorge, Lower Saxony Harz, about 37 miles south of Brunswick, Germany.

Glen Els Unique Distillery Edition 5cl

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