Something Special

Bought – Online Whisky Auction, 22nd December 2013

84/100 – Whisky Bible 2006

I’ve been wanting a miniature of Something Special for a while, purely because of the interesting bottle shape (inspired by a Scottish diamond cutter). The name is also a nice marketing trick because you’re expecting it to be ‘special’ before you’ve even tasted it! Sadly this blend is rarely seen in the UK these days but is the No.3 blended Scotch in South America, being very popular in Venezuela and Colombia.

Apparently there’s plenty of Longmorn whisky to be found in this blend, so I’ll look out for that in the tasting. Also, in 1972 Glenlivet and Glen Grant distilleries amalgamated into the blending portfolio of Hill, Thomson and Co. Ltd, which included Longmorn and they produced blends such as ‘Something Special’ and ‘Queen Anne’. I’ll be expecting a strong Speyside influence in the taste.

Something Special 4.7cl

2 responses to “Something Special

  1. I have a something special miniature in my possession,and will be interested in selling it

    • I’d probably sell my miniature too but sadly it wouldn’t be worth it. Auctions tend to sell miniature blends like Something Special in groups of 10 and they’d be lucky to make £30, so £3 each. If you have a local whisky shop they might take it off your hands for £1 to £2. Sadly you can’t use Ebay these days to sell alcohol. Even if you could the postage would double the price, which would probably put most buyers off. Maybe one day Something Special will be worth a bit more so perhaps hold on to it for now. Thankfully it doesn’t take up much space! 🙂

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