Royal Lochnagar 12-year-old miniature

Bought – Online Whisky Auction, 22nd December 2013

83/100 – Whisky Bible 2006

One of the things I love about getting whisky from auction is the extra information you get with some bottles. This miniature of Royal Lochnagar still has the original price on it when it was bought, either from a High Street shop or the distillery itself. £3.25. It’s been a while since you could buy a mini malt for as little as that without looking online.

I wasn’t originally intending to get a miniature of this 12yo. Tesco have a full 70cl bottle but in 6 months they’ve never had it on offer. Every time I’m in my local store the same few bottles are staring at me, unloved and unwanted. At £33 I’m not surprised! It would be cheaper to buy it online. If Tesco every reduce it they might manage to sell a bottle or two.

According to Whiskybase this miniature of Royal Lochnagar was in production between 2003-2007, hence using the Whisky Bible rating from 2006. Not that it makes much difference because the 2014 edition of the bible has exactly the same comment (although the mark has gone up 1 to 84/100). I thought about including a link to a tasting video done by Charlie MacLean, the Distillery Manager at Royal Lochnagar but I got put off by his remark about the colour. He was saying how lovely it was but, at the same time, Jim Murray remarks in his bible about caramel being added. It doesn’t seem right to praise a whisky’s colour when it’s been artificially enhanced.

Here’s a review by ‘A Dram A Day’ on You Tube (August 2016):

Royal Lochnagar 12yo 5cl

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