Pinwinnie Royale (no age statement)

Bought – Online Whisky Auction, 31st December 2013

83/100 – Whisky Bible 2006

A discontinued blend, this NAS (no age statement) version of Pinwinnie Royale is one of two principal releases, the other being a 12-year-old (but there might also be a ‘deluxe’ version of this blend). From what I can find out online, the Pinwinnie distillers handed over the blend’s production rights to Inver House. I’m not sure when this happened but Inver House began life in 1964 and there does seem to be bottles of Pinwinnie Royale around from that period. If they have “bottled in Airdie in Lanarkshire” written on them (as my one does), Airdie is where Inver House head office is. What’s confusing is when you find a bottle of Pinwinnie Royale that says it was bottled by Blairmhor Distillers, who are also based in Airdie. Same company perhaps?

Inver House own several distilleries which include Old Pulteney (Highlands), Balblair (Highlands), Knockdhu (Speyside), Speyburn (Speyside) and Balmenach (Speyside). It’s said that the majority, if not all of Pinwinnie Royale is a blend from some or all of these distilleries.

What annoyed me during my research is the number of whisky auction houses that say the Pinwinnie Royale is “very rare and long since discontinued blend” when it’s constantly appearing in auctions! I’ve found this blend everywhere! Although I don’t know when Inver House stopped producing it, Jim Murray was still reviewing it in 2006. He calls this version “an absolute classic!”

Pinwinnie Royale NAS 5cl

3 responses to “Pinwinnie Royale (no age statement)

  1. I have been given a full 75cl bottle of Pinwinnie with the purple bag and box. I have been trying to find out more about it. It is the 12 year old and bottled by the Pinwinnie Distillery in Airdrie. I am not sure of its value as no one sells it now. I have seen one web site which showed that its value has risen markedly in last few months. Any thoughts? I am not a collector of blends ……more of a malt collector.

    • Hi Bill!

      I would be inclined to keep the Pinwinnie if I were you, either as the start of a blend collection, a present for a whisky drinker or to sell sometime in the future. Pinwinnie hasn’t been discontinued for long so it’s not commanding rarity prices as yet. I saw a 1970s NAS version with bag and box go for £25 at auction earlier this month. The 12 year old would make about the same. When you take off the cost of postage and commission, the seller is making about £10. You could probably sell it to a friend or neighbour for double that.

      I’m assuming you’re in the UK. If you’re in another country then you’ll know the auction prices where you are better than I do. I’d still be inclined to keep it though, either to drink, be part of a collection or as a long-term investment.

  2. Thanks for update….not really interested in blends. Not my cup of tea (sic). Will give it away for charity.

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