Tormore 10-year-old (mid 1990s)

Bought – Online Whisky Auction, 4th December 2013

74/100 – Whisky Fun (June 2009)

A 10-year-old, mid-1990s bottling, which means it was first distilled in the mid-1980s. My other Tormore, the 29-year-old, was distilled in 1984, so a very similar birthday to this bottle. The comparison will be interesting but there’s already some clear differences. The Whisky Fun review for this 10yo mentions ‘caramel’ which the 29-year-old doesn’t have. There’s also a big difference in strength with the 10yo being 43% and the 29yo being 53.9%. I can even that out with water but the higher percentage usually means a fuller taste experience. But it should be a fascinating comparison. I’ll be interested to see if I can spot the added caramel in this 10yo, and what difference 19 years more cask-time has made.

The Tormore distillery is an interesting place. It was constructed between 1958 and 1960 on virgin land with the purpose of being attractive, and is now Grade B listed. Yet, unfortunately, it doesn’t open for visitors. That seems such a waste! Hopefully one day the owners will have a change of heart. Perhaps being relatively young compared to other distilleries they don’t think it has enough history to be interesting but that hasn’t stopped even younger distilleries from opening their doors to the public.

Tormore 10yo 5cl

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