Wild Turkey 101

Bought – The Drink Shop, 28th November 2013

87/100 – RalfyHis review on YouTube (September 2013)
91/100 – Whisky Bitch – Her review on YouTube (March 2012)

Wild Turkey was on my radar when I found the ‘Rare Breed’ version mentioned in Ian Buxton’s book ‘101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die’. When trying to hunt it down in August I stumbled across the Whisky Bitch’s review of the 101 on YouTube. She loves it, especially as a sipping whiskey. Ian Buxton said that all Wild Turkey’s range were good (except possibly the ‘calendar’). Combine the two views and the 101 was firmly on my shopping list.

By September Ralfy posted up a video review of the 101 on YouTube and added his weight behind the praise of this bourbon. Although the 81 version is available in some supermarkets, I’d only found the 101 in one High Street store, The Wine Rack. At £26.99 there were plenty of single malts I wanted at that price of less, so getting the 101 seemed a distant prospect. But, when putting in an order with The Drink Shop, I noticed a cheap mini of the 101 and grabbed my chance. If it tastes as good as everyone says I might push the boat out in 2014 and get a full bottle!

Wild Turkey 8yo 101 5cl

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