Jim Beam

Bought – Tesco, 14th November 2013

81/100 – RalfyHis review on YouTube (August 2013)
83/100 – Whisky Bitch – Her review on YouTube (December 2011)

Forming part of a 4-pack of assorted whiskies from Tesco, I acquired this miniature bottle of Jim Beam bourbon more by chance than desire. But I wasn’t going to complain about getting a new bourbon taste for my American collection.

I now think of Jim Beam as my ‘Star Trek’ drink – Jim says “Beam me up Scotty!” So what are the chances of this bourbon taking me to another galaxy, whilst helping me defeat a few Klingons along the way? Well, maybe if I had 70cl but, with this bottle being 5cl, I’ll have to content myself with going into the garden and gazing up at the stars.

With Ralfy and the Whisky Bitch giving this bourbon a very similar mark it seems Jim Beam is a good drink but not something so fantastic it will fly you to the moon.

Jim Beam 5cl

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