Glen Deveron 10-year-old

Bought – Justminiatures, 13th November 2013

86/100 – Whisky Bible 2013

Although I already have an example from the Macduff distillery, everywhere I look I’ve seen the Glen Deveron 10yo, so I decided to add it to my collection. Apparently ‘Glen Deveron’ was the original name of the founding company of Macduff distillery when it opened in 1962 but it’s changed its name back and forth a few times since then. According to reviewers on Malt Maniacs, the quality of the Glen Deveron 10yo goes back and forth too, depending on the year of release. This is backed up by Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible. In 2006 he rates this 10yo at 72/100, in 2009 he gives it 83/100 and then in 2013 it’s reached the lofty heights of 86/100. Apparently he would give it over 90/100 if they made it 46% and removed the use of caramel. Macduff take note!

Glen Deveron 10yo 5cl

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