Bell’s Collection (4x5cl)

Bought – Online Whisky Auction, 31st October 2013

Since I bought these 4 miniature bottles of Bell’s as a job lot I thought I’d post them all together. They are:

  • Bell’s ‘Islander’ (NAS, 40%)
  • Bell’s Very Rare Royal Reserve (21-year-old)
  • Bell’s DeLuxe (12-year-old)
  • Bell’s Fine Old Scotch Whisky (12-year-old, 40%)

Prior to the auction I didn’t have any examples of Bell’s in my collection so I took a punt and got all four for £2.25. Clearly they’re nothing special at that price but I thought they’d be interesting to contrast and compare (especially the 21-year-old).

Bell's Islander 5cl

Bell's 21yo Royal Reserve 5cl

Bell's DeLuxe 12yo 5cl

Bell's Fine Old 12yo 5cl

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