White Horse Glen Elgin (Japanese Release)

Bought – Online Whisky Auction, 31st October 2013

I’ve not been able to find any reviews of this somewhat obscure release but I found a 75cl bottle for sale at Royal Mile Whisky, Edinburgh, for £175. Reading around the internet it seems that the White Horse blend (of which the Glen Elgin malt forms a part) is very popular in Japan. In an attempt to make the Japanese aware of the Glen Elgin ingredient the distillery released this miniature, and bigger bottles, onto the Japanese market.

Whisky-online say of this malt: “An old, now discontinued bottling of Glen Elgin done for duty free and selected foreign markets. This was markedly more resinous and phenolic than most other official Glen Elgin bottlings.”

Hard To Find Whisky are selling this same miniature for £11.95. It cost me £3.50 at auction, so even with commission and its share of the postage I’ve done pretty well. Not that I consider it an investment. I’m drinking it! 🙂

Glen Elgin Japanese Market 5cl

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