Lochlan 8-year-old

Bought – Tesco, 31st October 2013

79/100 – Reviewer on Whiskyconnosr

This blend has been teasing me on its shelf at my local Tesco for several months now. There’s not a lot of review information about it on the internet but what I could find seemed very positive. Created by Whyte and Mackay specifically for Tesco, the general consensus is that it’s very good for a budget blend.

Lochlan 8yo 70cl

3 responses to “Lochlan 8-year-old

  1. As I meander halfway through my sixth decade, I have come to the conclusion that life’s too short to sample all of Scotlands distillations. In addition I have choked on so many fiery drams that I have pleasure in saying tha Lochlan is one of the most pleasant I have encountered. For those who would rather have a stronger more smoky peated experience I recommend a splash of your £40 favorite in the Lochlan which will also stretch out your taxed and dutied budget. Lochlan follows the herd in its over-colored caramel appearance, it’s taste is just what I want, and to hell with lying to you about chocolate and raisins nose. If I want I will eat a chocolate bar while I am drinking my Lochlan. There, done, buy a bottle. At fifteen quid it won’t hurt you and you will probably buy another quite soon.

  2. tesco doesn’t sell lochlan anymore where can I get it from

    • Hi Emma! Best bet would be an online whisky auction. I see ‘Whisky Auctioneer’ have sold 3 bottles in the past ranging from £7-£9. It doesn’t come up all that often though. Shame Tesco have discontinued it.

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