Dailuaine 20-year-old

Bought – Whisky Broker, 25th October 2013

86.06/100 – Whiskybase (average from 18 member votes)

In my quest to find more interesting and obscure malt whisky, I recently stumbled across the Whisky Broker, a relative newcomer as an independent bottler. Although he’s almost a one-man band, I had nothing to fear about the level of service I was going to get. Initially I was a bit concerned when I discovered the last post on his website’s guest book was from 2011 but when I looked at his Facebook page I knew he was still very active in the realms of whisky. What also convinced me to give the Whisky Broker a go was Ralfy’s review in June 2013 of a bottle of Strathmill bought from said supplier (that review here).  The bottles I ordered arrived within 5 days, well wrapped and in perfect condition.

As Ralfy says, you get plenty of information about the whisky you buy from the Whisky Broker. Here are the details supplied about this Dailuaine 20yo:

This Speyside whisky, distilled on 17th March 1992 at Dailuaine Distillery has been matured in an American Bourbon barrel for over 20 years. The whisky has not been chill filtered, nor has any colouring been added.

This whisky has been lightly filtered to remove large particles of wood sediment from the cask, but may still contain small traces, which are visible only when bottle is left standing for a period of time. Details:

  • Bourbon Barrel Number 3127
  • Distilled 17th March 1992
  • Bottled 13th February 2013
  • Strength: 54.1% vol.
  • Bottle Size: 200ml.

Dailuaine 20yo 20cl

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