Benrinnes 2002 (Carn Mor c.7-year-old)

Bought – C Gar Ltd, 22nd October 2013

74/100 – Whiskybase (from 1 member vote)

This Benrinnes is part of the 24 x 20cl bottles that make up the Carn Mor Vintage Collection. Distilled in 2002 and bottled in 2009, it’s from a limited edition of 1473, Cask No: 5.

Because I’m such a glass-half-full person, the lack of reviews on the internet for the Carn Mor collection makes me think I’ve bought something quite unique! Perhaps in 20 years from now I’ll be selling my bottles for a small fortune. Either that or people will be thinking “Carn Mor?! Never heard of it!” You have to wonder. But for now a 20cl bottle was a cheap way to tick Benrinnes distillery off my list.

Bottles of Benrinnes reviewed in the Whisky Bible 2013 vary greatly from 96/100 for an A. D. Rattray bottling, to 67/100 for a bottle by Provenance. The youngest Benrinnes malt Jim Murray reviews is an 11-year-old but at least that gets an 83.5/100 and a comment of “delicious!” What my Carn Mor bottle would score when falling on Mr Murray’s tastebuds is anyone’s guess. Being so young I’m guessing the finish will be short but doesn’t that mean it’s quicker to get to the next sip?! 🙂 Sounds good to me, so long as the mouth taste is a nice one.

Benrinnes 2002 Carn Mor 20cl

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