Queen Anne

Acquired 3rd October 2013. Part of my ‘Customs & Excise’ collection.

Unfortunately there’s only about 4cl left of this 5cl miniature. The seal on the cap still seems intact so I can only assume it’s leaked rather than been opened and a small amount consumed. Perhaps evaporation? With this lack of perfection, that sounds like a good reason to open it and drink it! 🙂

Queen Anne 1970s 5cl

2 responses to “Queen Anne

  1. I found a boxed 94.75CL (almost a litre) full bottle of this whiskey bottled at 43% BV. Is it rare? There is no bar (UPC) code printed on either the bottle or its box. This would seem to indicate that it is pre-1980.

    • Best thing to do would be to send pictures (front, back and the cap to show the seal condition) to 2 or 3 whisky auction houses. You might be fortunate enough to have one local to you so, if you decide to sell it, you can deliver it in person rather than post it. They have the knowledge you require and it’s in their interest to research it properly, as they’ll want it to fetch a good price if you decide to sell it through them. Good luck!

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