VAT 69

Acquired 3rd October 2013. One more from the ‘Customs & Excise’ collection.

84.5/100 – Whisky Bible 2013
86/100 – Ralfy, of
Review: – Ralfy – VAT 69 – YouTube

These reviews don’t relate to a version of VAT 69 as old as this one but it gives some insight into the blend.

The more I’ve become interested in whisky, and looking at miniatures, the more I’ve realised that this area is big business with collectors. Perhaps being a whisky drinker I wasn’t expecting to find that empty miniature bottles are more often found on Ebay than full ones. I was staggered to discover that someone in the UK was selling an empty 5cl bottle of this VAT 69, similar age (1970s most likely) for £4. Someone in Singapore was selling one for £12.44 and £7.47 postage, so nearly £20! I always thought the cost was in the contents! Obviously not. I’m glad I spotted this so I wont be throwing away any bottles after I’ve enjoyed the whisky inside.

VAT 69 5cl

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