Woodford Reserve ‘Distiller’s Select’

Bought – ASDA, 3rd October 2013

85/100 – Whisky Bible 2013
91/100 – Whisky Bitch – Her review on YouTube

My first bourbon whisky in my collection and it’s taught me a valuable lesson – always check the seal on a bottle before you pay for it. It was only when I got this bottle home and was taking a picture of it to post on this blog that I spotted that the paper seal was broken on both sides of the cork (visible in the picture below). I took the bottle back today and got a replacement but the employee at ASDA’s customer service refused to return the box. The replacement didn’t have a box, and they no longer had any bottles that did, so I’ve raised a complaint with ASDA’s head office. Since I paid for the bottle AND box (which is a very solid one) it seems only fair that a replacement comes with everything I originally paid for. I regret not calling for the manager when I was in the store but I was in a rush and had to leave.

Woodford Reserve

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