Tambowie 12-year-old

Bought – Online source over 10 years ago.

84.5/100 – Whisky Bible 2013

Jim Murray has re-included the Tambowie into his bible because of improvements and the 125th anniversary of the long departed Tambowie distillery. Jim doesn’t mention what age of bottle he’s reviewing but, when I found this online many years ago, there was also an 8-year-old. Tambowie is classes as a ‘bastard’ malt or, as I prefer to call them, a ‘mystery’ malt because it’s unclear which distillery is behind this reincarnation of this long-dead whisky. Personally I got it for family reasons, as a gift, and I kept a bottle for myself. I found it online, phoned up about it and was told that it was only produced for the Swedish market. After a bit of arm-twisting I was told the owner would have to get it “out of bond”. Quite why James Bond had it is beyond me but, after a lengthy car chase and a few murdered KGB agents, I got the bottles in the post.

The label on the back of the bottle says “Built in 1780, Tambowie Distillery once used the secret caves of the notorious Rob Roy MacGregor to mature the casks of its fine malt whisky. Legend has it that when the Distillery was destroyed by fire, the Manager, in an attempt to save the precious liquid, burst open the casks and drained all the whisky into the adjoining burn, which flowed into the nearby village of Milngavie. He reckoned however, without the ingenuity of the locals who were drunk for days on the “water of life” which they rescued from the river by the bucket-full.”

Tambowie 12yo 70cl

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