Bruichladdich ‘The Laddie Ten’

Bought – ASDA, 10th August 2013

90/100 – Whisky Bible 2013
90/100 – Ralfy, of
Review: – Ralfy – The Laddie 10 – YouTube

‘The Laddie Ten’ should act as a lesson to distilleries that continue to add colouring to their malts. Proudly boasted on the side of the Laddie bottle (and tin) confirms it has ‘no added colour’ and is ‘non-chill filtered’. Then you look at the colour of it and think “blimey, did they forget to take some of the sherry out of the casks?!” But the depth in colour is all part of the reassurance that you’re getting the real deal. This isn’t white spirit were a chemist from the Dulux paint factory picking out an appropriate ‘whisky’ colour to inject into it. The Laddie’s colour is part of the traditional process that makes the best Scotch whiskies the pride of the nation. Now I step off my soap box and say that I mainly bought this Bruichladdich offering because ASDA reduced it from £36 to £20. So far it’s been the bargain of the year!

Bruichladdich 10yo 70cl

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