Auchentoshan ‘Classic’

Bought – Tesco, 16th September 2013

80/100 – Whisky Bible 2013

Of all the Auchentoshan varieties you can buy I was delighted to find that the ‘Classic’ was the one recommended in the book ‘101 Whiskies to Try Before You Die’. The reason I was so happy was because this bottle is readily available in supermarkets. No need to order it online and pay £5+ in postage.

One of Auchentoshan’s claims to fame is that it’s one of the few Scottish single malts to be triple distilled. For years my father has been singing the praises of triple distilled vodka, claiming that this extra level of purity ensures he never has a hangover. I’ll be interested to see how clear my head is after sipping my way through a glass or two of this ‘Classic’.

A final word about Auchentoshan – I LOVE the name! It sounds like someone came up with ‘Auch-en-tosh-an!’ after a highland coo stood on their foot. But yet it’s much more romantic than a swear word. It would be great for a castle, or even a surname – James Alexander Auchentoshan. Lord Auchentoshan of the Glen. I might have to change my name! I’m sure after a few drinks it will seem like a great idea.

Auchentoshan Classic NAS 70cl

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